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There are other UVB lights which cost $50 or more, the Repti Sun is more affordable. However, there is one thing I suggest you to do. Every 6 months you need to change the UVB bulb due to the fact that the bulb will not supply enough UVB any longer then. Rather of getting a Repti, Sun 5.

It offers a higher quantity of UVB, which is more suited for bearded dragons. Get This Site ! If you want to get the right temperature, you have to know what temperature level is great for your dragon. The typical temperature level in your tank need to be around 78-88F throughout the day and around 70F in the evening.

Bearded dragons like to lie in the sun on substantial stones. Especially in the morning, because they require to get the best body temperature level. Those locations must have around 95F 105F yep, thats hot! Your all the time? Your temperature may be too low! You do not need to purchase really expensive reptile for that.

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I recommend to go with 100W, but it depends upon your tank size. You can also control the temperature by hanging the heat lamp a bit higher above the tank. So you can merely from Amazon here and to place it on your terrarium and of course so you can see if you get the ideal temperature level.

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Merely point and click to check the temperature level Next to heat, the light bulb also provides a lot of white light, which is excellent. Besides that, it is extremely low-cost. Why I do not use any reptile heat lamps There are some good factors to not use all the reptile heat lamps out there.

In my opinion, the majority of those lamps are very bad. First of all, they are really pricey. Specifically novices hesitate of doing something incorrect and rather take a reptile heat lamp than a typical 100W light bulb. Do not invest your tough generated income on overpriced items like those reptile heat lamps.

Lots of people on Amazon state that those lights only last a couple of weeks. I believe that is ludicrous. So, do not hesitate, just take the normal 100W light bulb with the clamp lamp and everything is going to be alright What you ought to know The UVB output of those lamps will reduce over time.

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